Enhance your equipment's performance with our top-notch part replacement and repair services.

Enhance Your Equipment with Expert Repairs.

Part Replacement & Repairing Services


Part Replacement

Spintex understands downtime’s cost. To meet your demands quickly, we stock a large variety of spare Murata parts. This approach lets us quickly replace daily parts, minimizing disruptions and preserving productivity.
Even brand-new equipment will undergo testing and setup by our service engineers before it is sent to you. That way, you won’t have to wait to put it to use. Find all the repair, surplus, and new parts and supplies you need quickly.
We back it all up with a modern service center that can help put your business back into action. Our team of qualified service engineers can do installations right where you are.

Repairing Services

Further, we do more than just basic testing. We can try repairs fully in our lab to make sure they will hold up under real production pressure because it has controlled environments that are like the real world. Our goal is to restore them to top performance for reliable operation and optimal results.
Our modern Murata Repair Lab and professional engineers drive this dedication to meet the earliest deadlines.
Our name reflects our strengths—our methods, ways, and means set us apart. So our nationwide machine servicing staff solves your machining difficulties and improves your machining solutions. We’ll fix it no matter what.

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