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we are spintex

Chairman message

Spintex was formed in the year 1999, with a single product in hand i.e., Murata Auto winders. Murata set up their office back in 1978, its operation was limited to the installation and commission of machines. When Spintex took over the operations of Murata in Pakistan, it was a delicate moment since our customers were a bit shaky that how a new local company can match the level of services provided by a Japanese well-established company having offices in all the continents. My team had the blessings of Almighty Allah, and we cannot thank him enough for his support that is equal for everyone.

The second primary support was our own customers who gave us courage, support, and time to work for them and allowed us to get us established. Our foundation is based on our customers like every successful business.

And thirdly, and finally, my own team helped me with all the troughs and crests. We worked day and night on management’s decision and brought this new organization to the pinnacle of the service industry.

Now Spintex enjoys more than 80% share in Pakistan’s Textile industry, with excellent quality of its products. Spintex has got on the ladder of success by taking each step very carefully and gradually. We did not rush for grasping the business instead we put a solid foundation and Allah, the Almighty has been very kind to us in the way to progress and advancement.

Syed Abdullah


we are spintex

Technical Director Message

At Spintex, our journey began in 1999 with a singular focus on Murata Autowinders, a cornerstone that set the foundation for our future. Taking over the operations from Murata, a globally esteemed entity, presented a significant challenge, one that was met with a blend of apprehension and anticipation by our loyal customers. As Director, I stepped into this role aware of the monumental task ahead, yet confident in the combined strength and commitment of our team and the unwavering support of our customers.

My team, the true backbone of our operations, has shown relentless dedication and resilience through the years. Together, we have faced challenges head-on, working tirelessly to innovate and improve, ensuring that every decision made was a step towards betterment. It is their hard work and solidarity that have propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Our customers, who are the bedrock of our success, extended their trust and patience, allowing us to establish Spintex as a formidable presence in the textile sector. Their belief in our capabilities fuelled our resolve to not only meet but exceed the high standards set by our predecessors. Here at Spintex, we firmly believe that our costumers are more than just clients: They are an integral part of our family. This philosophy is at the core of how we operate and engage with each individual who chooses our services. Our commitment to making each costumer feel valued and exceptionally serve has consistently been acknowledged and appreciated by those we serve.

Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading technical service providers in Pakistan. Our expertise and innovative approach position us at the forefront of the industry, setting benchmarks for quality and service that resonate locally and compete globally. Our international perspective allows us to adopt and implement world-class technologies and practices, making us a formidable competitor on a global scale. This global orientation not only enriches our capability but also enhances our competitive edge, ensuring we offer unparalleled service to all our stakeholders.

Let us continue this journey together, shaping a future that reflects our shared values and aspirations.

Syed Ishrat

Technical Director

we are spintex


Our Mission

Spintex seriously endeavors to work for the uplifting of the lower and middle classes by generating employment. Our core idea is to bring projects that can lead to the economic development of Pakistan. Our major power, in Pakistan, is its youth which can play a pivotal role in the economic uplifting of underprivileged classes.

Our View

Pakistan is a country of 220 million people, and we feel that in almost all segments of economic development we are much more behind compared to our regional players. We have vast potential and if taken the right decisions we as a nation have no hindrance in thriving.

Our Value

Good customer service creates good business. We put all our efforts to give the best response to our customers when they are in pain. It is the core value of our business, and everything has been created in Spintex considering this single “customer service focus”


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