Since the establishment of our company (November 1999), the convictions embodied in the Spintex company philosophy have served as the foundation for the ideas and actions of all Spintex employees.

During these past few years, which have seen dramatic change in the market environment, I have consistently emphasized that our company management should be one that places high value on Customer Satisfaction (CS) and Work Place Environment. (WE)

CS is making the efforts to have our customers consistently recognize the value we offer. WE is a workplace environment in which the employees find their work challenging and in which they can continue to grow.

Do our technologies, products and services truly succeed in delivering value to customers? Does this value serve to impress and astonish the customer?

I would like our organization to be made up of people who take the independent initiative to ask themselves such questions at all times. Cooperation is required not only between sales, service and business departments. It is rather our entire organization, including the development and staff departments that must act as a cohesive and like-minded whole. This is the Spintex that I hope we can continue to be.

Syed Abdullah