Advance Electrical Fabrication for Smarter Futures

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Electrical Fabrication Solution


Electrical Fabrication Solution

Spintex handles all electrical fabrication needs. Our advanced panels, skills, resources, and passion can turn your ideas into electrical miracles from a bold blueprint or a serviette sketch.

Distribution Boxes

Spintex understands how important electrical distribution boxes are for safe and reliable power flow in your operation. If these essential parts fail, you risk delays, safety issues, and costly downtime. We provide complete distribution box installation and fabrication services with our skilled electrical fabrication services.

Don’t let electricity problems or low power stop you from doing your work. If you need skilled help with electric fabrication or distribution box installation, talk to Spintex. We’ll make sure that your power stays on and that your business runs easily.

Electrical Panel and Switch Gear Installation

Manufacturing plants, big businesses, and public power plants all hire us to test their switchgear. Even though the panels can work well for years without being checked, the system’s failure could have been avoided with just a little yearly maintenance.

We will look at your panel and give you honest advice that fits your wants and budget. We only tell you about services that are 100% necessary for your safety and trustworthiness. Our prices are clear from the start, and there are no surprises later on.

Single Phase & 3 Phase Electrical Wiring

  • It takes skill and understanding to do wiring installation right, from grounding to installing panels. The Spintex Engineers have years of experience and will make sure that your job is done safely and in line with grounding standards, draw limits, and power supply safety rules so that your business never loses power.
  • Air conditioners require three-phase power. Our licensed engineers install AC 3-phase power safely and efficiently. We ensure proper power density and appliance compatibility.

Installation of Electrical Equipment

  • Do you find it difficult to expand your business due to your capacity to handle additional projects? Weak layout and time-consuming coring making you furious? Is the idea of faster fastening systems and simple, in-house firestop solutions something that interests you?
  • When you choose Spintex for your electrical equipment installation work, you can save time and effort throughout the entire process.
  • Here at Spintex, we make sure that everyone pays close attention to detail. There are a total of three final installations performed on all equipment to ensure that no detail is overlooked, regardless of how little.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Wearing our work gloves, we show up at your location ready to go to work. Our business has a large inventory of hardware, parts, and components, and our fully equipped service vehicles are loaded with tools, supplies, and welding equipment to complete on-site installations swiftly. We have qualified engineers who can install, maintain, identify, and move your biggest industrial equipment securely and effectively. From turnkey projects to emergency installations, get your factory or production plant up and running quickly, we can do the job well.

Data Box (Internet Boxes)

To rapidly and effectively fix network issues, our data boxes have strong troubleshooting features. Today’s digital world requires data protection. Our data boxes protect your network from threats like malware, unauthorized access, and data breaches with enhanced protection. Secures essential data and ensures company continuity.

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