Murata Machinery Limited

Muratec is striving to offer machines that reliably produce high quality products and create exciting new value, as well as being both user- and environmentally-friendly. We hope that Muratec’s proposals and products are sources of rich creativity for our customers.

In particular, the development of the Mach Splicer, a device mounted on automatic winders that uses air pressure to create knotless yarn, has forever changed the textile industry by improving yarn quality and thereby contributing to improved quality in textiles and knitted products.

In addition, it has enabled the increase of the production capacity of spinning machines in the upstream process, as well as increased the efficiency and speed of the weaving and knitting machines in the downstream processes.

Furthermore, through the development of various types of automated transportation systems, the world’s fastest spinning system, and many other technologies, Murata Machinery has won the support of customers from around the world for our textile machinery business.

Murata Machinery is now highly regarded as one of the leading companies in textile machinery.